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Union Players

The following SJEB Rush players have gone onto represent the Philadelphia Union teams, including players who played for the South Jersey Barons PDL team.

Name Birth Year
JT Noone 1988
Ryan Richter 1989
Austin Riddick 1997
Evan Godfery 1998
Dawson McCartney 1998
Vilbert Fortulus 2000
Michael Pellegrino 2001
Maxwell Owens 2001
Jalen Weatherspoon 2001
Kenyatta Jr Collins 2001
Jason Grandizio 2003
Devon Stopek 2005
Dylan Falcone 2006
Luke Villary 2008
Ryder Falcone 2009
Liam Simmonds 2009
Christopher Thompson 2010
Ryan Rinnier 2010


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