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SJEB Rush Announce Year Round Futsal Academy

08/29/2018, 1:30pm EDT
By SJEB Rush

As futsal continues to build a stronghold in the United States, so too is it growing in popularity in South Jersey. The SJEB Rush Futsal Academy will now be operating on a year round basis. 

Futsal is a variation of soccer, played on a hard court, smaller than a regular soccer pitch. It's played five on five.

The Clubs' Executive Director and former US National Futsal team member Don D'Ambra expressed his excitement at the expansion of the Futsal Academy, he explained the further steps awaiting the club.

“We are planning to be a yearlong academy, training at least once a week during soccer seasons in fall and spring,” D'Ambra said. “In the winter and summer, we plan to attend national camps, regional tournaments, state cups, and national championships.”

D'Ambra added "USYF run a National I.D program for its most talented players, SJEB Rush have been represented by Five players on the National team and the year round Academy will ensure those numbers grow over time.

Originating in the early 1930s in Uruguay, futsal evolved into its current form in Brazil almost out of necessity. With hardwood courts and empty swaths of concrete more readily available than grass fields, the South American nations flocked to futsal both as a tool to aid in soccer skills training.

“They played in the streets and it developed to where it is now,” D'Ambra said. “Futsal helps player not only with their foot skills because you're touching the ball 400 times more than in a soccer match, but also with the decision-making process because it's so much faster than the outdoor game played which is played on grass.”

As part of the clubs greater vision, SJEB Rush recently announced their membership to the US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) and announced their membership of the USYSA National League.

The SJEB Rush Futsal Academy has had great success in the past 5 years winning multiple USYF Regional Championships, USSF Regional Championships and NJ Futsal State Cup titles. 

The SJEB Rush Futsal Academy will call the 35,000 sqft new building at Virtua Total Turf Experience their home for the training and games.

“The players that are willing to take it to the next level can come and try out for our year round Futsal program” D'Ambra said. “We want to take South Jersey Futsal to the next level and to give our players Regional and National experiences.”

As the academy continues to develop players, the club are considering a professional futsal team that would play in the National Professional Futsal League.

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