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SJEB Rush College Freshman off to Strong Start

09/07/2017, 4:00pm EDT
By SJEB Rush

In a very competitive college sports environment a number of our graduates are representing our club well as freshman. It's very difficult to get time on the field as freshman never mind significant time. However several of our 1998/1999 Boys are contributing decent minutes for their respective college teams. 

Matt Fahey (Rowan), DJ Briggs (Ursinus), Conrad Williams ( Rhode Island U.), Ethan Mueller (TCNJ), Sean Murray ( Franklin and Marshall), Jacob Fulton ( Rutgers Camden) and Greg Williams (Rutgers Camden) have all seen time in the early part of the season for their highly rated programs. Matt Fahey got the first goal for our Freshman alumni against Albright on Wednesday night.

We expect to see a few more start to make an impact in the upcoming games and this is a credit to the quality of these players.

From our 1997/98 boys class Geoff Scheaffer (Monmouth University) has won himself a starting position and scored in his last game, and at Stockton Christian Bik is getting significant minutes as an attacking mid. Pierce Adams, Luke Gibson and Justin McCarthy (Burlington County Community College) are all starting for BCCC. Alex and Ben Clark (Haverford College) are the enforcers on their team who started 2-0 and last night beat D3 powerhouse Messiah College and George Charablidis is seeing minutes of the bench at Lycoming.

Congratulations and continue to be a great advertisement for SJEB Rush soccer.

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