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SJEB Rush At Home Work Outs, Video Analysis Home Page

03/19/2020, 1:00pm EDT
By SJEB Rush

Good Afternoon Soccer Players,

I trust all is well. Parents please pass along all this information to your child, thanks.

With the COVID-19 lock down affecting our soccer community we have put together a homework page full of material for all our current and former players to help satisfy your thirst for soccer.

We are also running a competition on Instagram to find the best creative fast foot skills combination, tag us in your videos @SJEBRUSH and #SJEBRUSHSKILLS

Explore the following sections of our homework section of our website:

Pro Player - Every Touch videos.
Pro Player Tactical Analysis by Scott Middlemass.
70+ moves and documentaries.
Reading material (additional material to be added).
Technical foot skills assignments. 

We will be adding more sections as we go along. 

John Thompson
SJEB Rush Technical Director

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