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SJEB Rush Skills Challenge

06/21/2019, 3:30pm EDT
By SJEB Rush

Players and parents,

Since the club has merged some of the best coaches and players in the area to form top teams at SJEB RUSH, we have seen great growth in our club.  One of the many great things about collaborating is bringing some of the best ideas together. As a club coaching staff, we are committed to improving the club culture at SJEB RUSH and would like to help our players realize the best in themselves.

Therefore we have combined efforts to run a social media SJEB RUSH Summer Challenge to get our players to keep up their skills, learn new ones and spend time over the summer being creative with the ball at their feet. Coach Bill Shute, Coach Duarte Monteiro, and myself have put together a program for you to work on over the summer.  No matter what age you are, there is something for you. The Summer Challenge will run from this Saturday, June 22nd through the Sunday prior to Labor Day - September 1st. (10 weeks).

For high school aged players you will notice that the fitness challenge runs 8 weeks - which should coincide with the start of your high school training.  This will also coincide with the start of the Fall season for National League and DA teams. Therefore the Summer Challenge is not only set to help you work on skills over the summer, but it has also been designed with the proper periodization to prepare you for the start of your Fall season training.

The SJEB RUSH Summer Challenge will have two parts: The Skills Challenge and The Fitness Challenge

The appropriate Fitness Challenge will be sent by Coach Bill to each team in the club with the proper age group plan by this weekend. You will follow that plan for your summer workouts to prepare yourself for next season.

The Skills Challenge will work like this:
Every day in the summer we will post a skill video on social media. Our players will have the day to master the skill and video themselves. You then upload your video to your social media page and tag our SJEB Rush account. A lot of the skills are taken from the F2 Freestylers, so credit to those lads. We will be posting the skill to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and we will re-post some of the best video responses from our players.  It is our hope that we will have a collection of great videos to put together a SJEB RUSH highlight film at the end of the summer.

Want to participate? Here is what we need you to do in order to be able to get involved and make this successful! Before Sunday we need you to go on to your social media platforms and follow SJEB RUSH. If you don't have something like Instagram, now is your chance to get involved.

Here’s the links to SJEB Rush social media platforms, please follow all three.

SJEB Rush Instagram -
SJEB Rush Twitter -
SJEB Rush Facebook -

When we see great stuff going on - we will re-post it for all to see! It is that simple.

Once we get started, we will send additional homework activities for you to challenge yourself.  Feel free to record short videos of yourself and send them in as well - you never know what is going to make the cut and what will inspire others in the club.  This is all up to you. The summer is here and it is all yours. What will you do this Summer?

Coach Bill, Coach Duarte, and Coach John

Other Summer Homework Activities
Here’s 4 videos that our players should also be working on.

Jonor 4 Cone Drill

SJEB Rush Ball Skills Routine

Ball and Wall Routine

SJEB Rush Ball Mastery Routine

Here’s the cheat sheet for the ball skills routine if a parent wants to put their player through it every day.





Ball squeeze - box

Ball squeeze

Ball squeeze - outside

Toe Roll

Ball squeeze - box - outside

Insidie - outside - switch

Toe roll - Box

Pull push switch

Toe roll 3 - box

Pull push out/in/lace

Toe roll - Outside

Wiggle front x5

Toe roll - box - outside

Wiggle front x3

Pull push - toe roll x3

Wiggle behind

Pretzel - Box

Wiggle - front/behind

L - Outside - Switch

River dance

V - V



L - V - box switch

2 touch - outside hook

L - outside - box - switch

2 touch - inside hook

Roll/Roll riverdance

2 touch - Cryff

L - squeeze - box - switch

2 touch - drag back

Scissors Iniesta switch

2 touch - Conte

Scissors outside outside

2 touch - Zico

Rivelino outside outside

2 touch - Rivellino

Box - wrap around

2 Touch - L

Zig zag

2 Touch - Half Maradonna

Zig zag - squeeze


Zig zag - toe roll x2

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