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Field Layout

599 Union Road, Hammonton, NJ, 08037 is the best GPS address. When you get to the corner of Fleming Pike and Union Road you will see the fields in the distance.

Parking is in designated areas, anyone parked on the road or on the turf will be towed.
 Pets on the playing surface.
There are 4 porto-pots on site.
15 MPH Speed Limit.  
No Smoking.  
No Alcohol.  
Park ONLY in the designated area.
NO parking on the roads or roadside.
NO parking on the grass.
ALL parking must be in the designated parking area. This must be enforced by the home team coach and/or team liaison.  
Goalposts must be moved back to the edge of the farming area after all games and practices and MUST be far enough back to stay out of the sprinkler tracks.  
Teams are responsible to pick up all trash after each game. 

Game Days
NO WARM UPS inside the 18 yard box. Goal keepers to warm up in areas outside the 6 yard box.   
Players and coaches will be stationed on the interior areas of the fields.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your cooperation.

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